Darwin, NT

Photographs by: Emily Hanna

Darwin NT, such a special part of the world and oh so different to our very distinctive four seasoned Canberra! We have very special friends in Darwin and advertise our photography in Darwin and take any opportunity to travel up to Darwin for portrait and wedding photography.

We hope you enjoy some very special snaps taken with family & friends in this very unique and special part of the world over the past few years!  It really is a treasure box of unique places, scenery & wonderful culture.  Can’t recommend doing the trip if you haven’t already!

 I love Australia and our two distinctly unique territories, NT & ACT. Both under rated in my opinion!  My home (Canberra) and home away from home! The vast NT, a feast of amazing and treasured culture and landscape. A wonderland for photographers. Just watch out for the crocs, for there are plenty ;-)

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