Bali Adventures

Photography by: Emily Hanna & Hugh Miley

I love Bali, but not the Bali we too commonly see (Kuta and surrounding area) but ‘the real Bali!  Travelling with family, we chose to stay for the past two years in the Ubud district located in the hills of Bali.  This series of images were taken by myself and fellow photographer and dear friend Hugh Miley.  

Most of Bali excluding the Denpasar,  Kuta area, are full of  the local people of the Hindu faith and they by nature are gentle, welcoming and loving people whom are unitedly passionate about their faith. This a truly beautiful facet of the cultural experience you gain from travelling to this wonderful little island just on our door step, geographically speaking.

The hospitality and unbeatable quality & value of Bali,  the wonderful people, culture, and places will exceed your expectations! If you are looking for a relaxing get-away or family holiday, I really can’t recommend it more!  Just be sure to get out of Kuta, unless your primary interests involve lushing around the hotel pool, shopping, and nightlife exclusively, there is  much more to discover.

 I feel as Australians we often talk down this destination due to bad media coverage but when you are there, you will realise, that people actually travel from all over the globe for the Bali experience and it’s not until you are there and have the ‘real Bali’ experience that you realise why.  In all my travels around the globe, I have never had a more luxurious hospitality experience, never eaten better and met nicer people than what I have in Bali. I hope this collection of personal images inspire you to make the trip and support our neighbours whom rely on  tourism for their livelihoods and economy.

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