Brace for War

22nd of November 2014

Those that know me well would be surprised that I was spending my Saturday night attending the 'Brace' event at the AIS arena.  I was bracing, that's for sure!  But I am part of an amazing community & Fitness studio called 'Synergy Self Defence & Fitness' and on this night I was there as part of the 'Synergy Red Army'! But mostly to capture our boy's and the end of their extreme, deeply personal, and physically intensive journey's to put their body's on the line in the cage at this mixed martial arts (MMA) event - Brace For War!

Synergy located in Hume has changed my life! It is such a welcoming, supportive community.  A reliably fun place to go for fitness where you never know what to expect.  It's reliably challenging & fun but profoundly rewarding.  I have personally, never been stronger or fitter in my life.  I do Strength Fit, a mixture of cardio and strength, also boxing which I also love!  My children all do Taekwondo which is the most beautiful nurturing environment to learn martial arts.  Of course non contact, which is important to me at this precious stage in their lives.  Synergy also specialises in MMA.  I have learned MMA is more practical life skills and like many other men and women whom regularly enjoy the MMA curriculum at Synergy, I am looking forward to my eldest son, and one day daughter, joining the children's beginners MMA program and also developing some of these valuable life skills in the coming years.  

So I/we like so many others love Synergy!  They should make a sticker ;)  A very small part of that is photographing this event which for me is almost a surreal experience.  Seeing the boy's Nicholas & Jack back stage warming up, I am blown away by their vigor, strength, absolute dedication and intensity!  I am actually feeling a little worried for the opponents. It is all quite confronting for me and I am glad to have my camera to my face as a degree of separation.  Despite the intense situation, there is also a feeling of warmth and support coming from each of the trainers including Craig, AKA Boss, Coach Ritchie, Alex & Tony. Then there is the gorgeous little ray of sunshine Mrs Bronnie Bath, making sure everything and everyone is okay,on time and in the know.   The boy's all assisting in the various drills used in preparation for the walk into the arena and the fight in the cage. Me on the edge trying to just stay out of the way whilst capturing this very raw moment for all involved but in particular, Jack & Nicholas! 

After watching a promo video for the TV series Wimp to Warriors. I am also inspired by the clips of ordinary Australians taking this immense fitness journey. The words of TV personality Shannon Pollock, about the definition of warrior being exactly what these MMA events are about.  These people are extraordinary, they are real warriors, representing with integrity their sport with immense strength, endurance and most of all courage!  Whether victors, or defeated on the night (and this one wasn't ours), these warriors had all already won the true battle of getting themselves there, prepared and putting their body's on the line! 

They were awesome and have made their red army very proud! 

Me, I was just glad that everyone was okay! And I'm not going to lie, it's totally not but my cuppa tea!  But I have inherently gained respect for the sport and loved the challenge of doing something totally outside my comfort zone.

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