Rebecca & Rob

Rebecca & Rob - Saturday 19 October 

Photographed by: Emily Hannaamp; Hugh

Location: Fig Tree Point Audley  & the Audley dance Hall NSW

Every wedding is special and I would be lying if even after doing this gig for 10 years, I said I didn't get a few butterflies before each and everyone.  But it's true, some are particularly special, and this one was one of those.  Bec & I go way back!  Back to high school years in fact, so I am talking just a few years ago ;) yeah right!  We became best of friends the year after school and never looked back.  We are friends for life.  So this wedding was so exciting for me personally and I couldn't help but be even a little more nervous than usual.  It means the world to be to do a great job for my special friend and her gorgeous man Rob. Not to mention the rest of the Baldwin family which I have too got to know quite well over the years.  I really hope you enjoy this sneak peak guys.  I can assure you,  there is much more to come!  Hugh has some absolute corkers too :)!

It was a beautiful day, filled with genuinely precious moments, heartfelt words, laughter, fun &love!
I can't actually remember being more excited about a wedding and that for me, that is definitely saying something. Thanks for a fantastic day guys.  We had a ball!
Bec & Rob  you are a tremendous couple and I am thrilled that you have both found each other.  We have every confidence in your successful partnership. Lots of love always! xxx

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