The Ranga Revolution

Way back in early June I organsied a shoot for Saturday 21 August with three of my stunning and spectacular friends.I was inspired by them, all fabulous, talented, creative, and red headed. It was to be THE RANGA REVOLUTION!!

Little did we know it would be Election Day and a Ranga named Julia Gillard might indeed be elected the leader of this country.But it could not have been a more poi ant day for our little celebration of rangahood.

The girls were fabulous! It was freezing and windy but they soldiered on with their fiery spirits because that's the sort of people they are.

Huge thanks to Emma Strand the beautiful talented actress. Julie Rattenbury, Canberra's best wedding celebrant & Donna Bourne, the stunning model and modeling agency owner. Also thanks to Johno Warmsley, assistant to photographer & lighting & my right hand women, Lisa Bray for assistance with make-up and styling.

You girls and guys Rock!

What a great team effort.

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