Emily & Joel's wedding

Emily Hannaamp; Joel – 16 April 2010
Photographed by Emily Hannaamp; Anna
Make-up by Lisa - (esh photography)

Their ceremony was held at 'The Chapel' in gold creek. The atmosphere
was utterly joyful. It was obvious this beautiful couple's moment had
arrived and everybody couldn't wait to witness the event unfold.

Time stood still at the moment of their engagement on the beach some
time ago. Those of us that have lived through a moment like this
would understand the timelessness of such a pivotal moment.

Emily was so beautiful on this day in an equally timeless and
classical way. Despite the fact that both Em and my-self were
battering some health issues, we had the best distraction in such a
lovely wedding day and we soldiered on well. The reception was held
at the fantastic National Portrait Gallery – amazing location.

Congratulations and enjoy the reflections of your very special and
memorable day!

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