Katie & Cameron's wedding

By Emily Hannaamp; Hugh

All weddings are special, there is no doubt about that. The same
amount of love and care goes into to every wedding we do. But this was
our dear friends Katie's wedding (event manager at Poachers Pantry).

We have been affiliated as preferred photographers for Poachers Pantry
for some years now. We love doing wedding's there, and what a
huge compliment to the restaurant at Poachers that Katie and
her man Cameron (lovingly known by most as 'Chook') chose to hold
their wedding there and to share with us their special day in this
beautiful little part of the world.

What a wonderful day it was! So festive, so fun, so romantic!

Congratulations Katie and Chook!

It was our absolute pleasure photographing you both.

We look forward to catching up again soon.

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