Chantelle & Zsolt's wedding

What a beautiful day was the wedding of Chantelle & Zsolt!

Their wedding was held in the quant courtyard of the Brassey Hotel.
Chantelle was full of emotion as she entered her ceremony to marry the
man she loves.

After the ceremony we all took off for a terrific
location shoot. We started up Mount Stromlo where the girls had a
laugh balancing on the logs in their sexy heels – lots of fun :-)

We then went into the city to show of the gorgeous bridal party and
took some edgy urban scenes. We finished off in Telopea park for a few
more classical wedding photos.

The reception was gorgeous, the speeches incredibly moving! I love
capturing that stuff! Zsolt's sister concluded the formalities with a
beautiful song playing her guitar – awesome!

Congratulations on a beautiful day Chantelle & Zsolt.

I look forward to presenting the rest of the pics to you....

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